Matt Laidlow

I am a Designer and Front-End Developer working in brand identity, marketing, graphic design, interactive design, and web design.

RealOffice360 Marketing

Web, Email Marketing, Signage, Branding

Todd Talbot

Press Kit Layout & Design

Real Estate Websites

Web Design & Development

Brunch Wagon

Brand Identity

RealOffice360 Web App


Augmented Reality

Unity Development

Character Model

3D Modelling & Rendering

Community Partners

Brand Identity

Design Terms

Interactive Flashcards

Advisor Directory & Webpage

Web Development

Healthy Child YYC

Custom WordPress Website

RealOffice360 Promo Ad

Video Editing

Physics Animations

Motion Graphics


Traditional & Digital



The Tower

Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure

Virtual Reality

Unity Development

3rd-Person Controller

Unity Development

The Dream

2D Point & Click Adventure